Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was set up in 1997. However honor course in Political Science was started of late in 2003 with a humble beginning of just single student. Since then there is no turning back and the Department now has witness massive increase in the strength of students every year. And because of its popularity it has become the most sought subject of study among the students.

Politics is all pervasive and its influence in every aspect of human life cannot be denied. Thus, an understanding of politics is essential for everyone to become active and productive members of society. The discipline of Political Science studies the theory and practice of politics and thus has immense relevance and scope. While political philosophers have reflected on the basic questions of political life since the beginning of recorded history, the field remains dynamic as the concerns and focus of the discipline keep expanding over the decades in response to the changing sociopolitical landscape at both the national and international level. The Department currently offers Undergraduate programme which provides a platform for students to refine their skills of inquiry and critical thinking, thereby fostering intellectual development such that they can excel in any career of their choice in future.


The teaching program is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach of History of Political Thought, Political Theories, Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations World Constitution, Public Administration, Politics of North-East India, Contemporary Issues, Women Rights Issues, Political Sociology, Indian government and Politics, Foreign Policy of India etc.

Aims and objectives

– To impart quality and dynamic political education.
– To help building a blend of positive attitude and tolerance towards all.
– To encourage students to become responsible citizen
– To realize the dream of students to achieve them

Teaching Faculty

Mr. Benedict Hajowary

M.A, (NET), (HOD) Share this information …

Mr. Sangrang Borgoary

M.A, B, Ed (NET), Research Scholar, Share this information …

Mr. Parmol Basumatary

M.A, ( SLET ) Share this information …
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