Performance of the College in view of achieving its vision

The College vision is “To Impart Quality Education for Generation”.

The involvement of more stakeholders has helped the college for the enhancement and effectiveness in the decision-making processes. It has also encouraged the faculty members or teachers in maintaining healthy academic standard in the college. The members of Governing Body are easily accessible for discussion and suggestion about the development of the college. An introduction of ICT facilities enables student progression. Moreover, introduction of shortterm computer course has been productive for self-employment and self-sustenance. For peace and tranquility of the student mind, the college propagates Eco-friendly campus and the EcoClub of the college spearheads in this matter. In this regard, college plays a pivotal role in developing responsibility and creating consciousness towards value education among the student community.

The IQAC through various resolutions for the progress of the College discusses on various issues, sorts out the solution and implements them through various stakeholders such as Governing body, Student Unions, faculty members, guardians, alumni and through discussion and deliberations through feedback forms. Apart from this the college also put sincere efforts towards social mobilization and contribution for bringing social consciousness on the importance of education, healthy growth of the societies, and, in sensitizing against some of the prevalent anti social activities such as abuse of drugs, blind belief etc. Such activities are exemplified specially through the two college adopted villages namely, Maojijhora village and Sudempuri, Bikrampur village of Bengtol. College has also contributed for the upliftment of the
village School and society as a whole. The College NSS Unit is constantly engaged in this regards. The college also helped the flood victims since the surrounding areas are flood prone areas, therefore almost at every monsoon season the college contributed some monetary and moral support to the flood victims. With the help of local Dispensary’s medical personal, the college also organized timely medical awareness progrogmmes in the surrounding villages to sensitize against various seasonal diseases and especially against malaria as Bengtol is recognized to be one of the malaria prone areas of the region. The college also organized suchprogrammes by inviting medical personals like, specialist Doctors and Nurses apart from treatments, deliberated on prevention from diseases like Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, Malaria and its related disease. The college not only imparts quality education but also indulges in the social, economic development of the society and the Area.

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