As per the Order issued by the College authority, Memo. No. BC/IQAC/67/2019, dated 24/06/2019, the following incumbents are entrusted to supervise the activities of Electoral Literacy Club.

  1. Benedict Hajoary, Vice Principal—Co-ordinator
  2. Mr. Shahidul Islam Akand, Assistant Professor—Member
  3. Mr. Sangrang Borgoary, Assistant Professor—Member
  4. Ms. Lily Iswary, Assistant Professor—Member
  5. Bengtol College Students’ Union

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of Electoral Literacy Cell are to imbibe the spirit of:

  1. Grass-Root Politics.
  2. Sensitizing the significance of Voter Registration Process
  3. Electoral Process
  4. Electoral Participation
  5. Sensitizing on the importance, value of Suffrage
  6. Generate Electoral Literacy among the Students’ Community.
  7. Nationalism among the students’ community.

Contact number of Co-ordinator: 7896782230

Email ID: