Dr. Anosh Narzary

Assistant Professor

1. Personal Profile:

NameDr. Anosh Narzary
DesignationAssistant Professor
Contact No.9957205541
Email IDAnoshnarzary1@gmail.com
QualificationM.A, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Area of SpecializationPhilosophy of Religion.

2. Participation in academic conference/Seminars/Webinar/Conference/Convention:

Sl. No..DateTopic/Theme Seminar ThemePlace/OrganizerState/National/International
  1  1/8/2020  Philosophical Significance of the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagananda     International
28-9/August 2020Buddhist StudiesNagananda International Institute of Buddhist Studies, Shri Lanka.  International
328Sept. 2020Week long multidisciplinary online Lecture series National

3. Seminar Presentations:

Sl. No.. Date TopicInstitution/ OrganizerState/National/International
127/8/2019“Impact of  Modernization and Changing Traditional Values”.  Bodoland UniversityNational
214/09/22“ ICT and Education During Covid-19Fakiragram CollegeNational
326/11/22“Women Role in Administration and Politics during Ahom Period”.Bodoland University &Department of English Bengtol College.  National

4. Workshop/ FDP/ Short term Course:

Sl. No.. Date Topic/ThemeInstitution/Organizer  
12/ 7/2020 -17/7/2020“Advance Concept for developing MOOCSTeaching learning Centre Ramanujan College University of Delhi,  
225/09/2021Challenges of Higher Education in 21st Century” organized by Electronics & ICT  Academy  IIT Guwahati in association with Bengtol            College,  
331st July to 4th August 2020“Creating Virtual Class rooms using Google”International Institute of Organized Research.

5. Orientation/Refresher course/FDP/ Short Term Course attended:

Sl. No.. Date  FromToHRDC/ InstitutionTheme/ Topic/ Subject
1.4th December to 31st31/12/17HRDC Gauhati University     OP
 2.4/403202117/03/2021UGC Human Resource Development Centre Guru Jambeshwar University, Haryana.        RC
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