Internal Complaint Committee
Bengtol College, Bengtol

Bengtol College is situated in a small rural town with a serene atmosphere in the district of Chirang, Assam. The college is a co-educational institution where both men and women teach, learn, work, and share together. However, it provides equal opportunities to all. So, if  any complaints of sexual harassment are addressed, the ICC of the college will take over the case, and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated by the committee members through the systematic rules and regulations concerned. The cell also works in sensitising all involved with the college regarding the POSH Act. It is formed following the UGC Regulations, 2015- 2nd May 2016, and according to the provisions of the POSH ACT- Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act of 2013, 9th December, 2013(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal). So, ICC is the Internal Complaint Committee demanded by the POSH Act that an ICC be formed at all workplaces for the redressal of sexual harassment cases.

Aims and Objectives:-

i) To prevent sexual harassment

ii) To discourage discrimination of women

iii) To provide a conducive environment of learning and working to all.

iv) To familiarize all involved about the POSH Act.

Any aggrieved person who has suffered harassment at the institution can approach ICC. Aggrieved includes:-

i) An employee

ii) Someone visiting the institution

iii) Student

Note: In case of death, physical  & mental lower capabilities in aggrieved complainants, a legal heir, or a person prescribed can make a complaint on behalf of the complainant.

The following is the composition of the Internal Complaint Committee of Bengtol College:

Sl. No.NameDesignationContact/Email
1Mrs. Somika Narzary, Asst. ProfPresiding OfficerContact: 8134909969 Email:,
2Mrs. Lily Iswary, Asst. ProfessorMemberContact: 7399961005 Email:
3Dr. Rahel Mochari, Asst. ProfMemberContact: 7577178326 Email:
4Mrs. Anita Basumatary, Asst. ProfessorMemberContact: 8638300317 Email:
5Mrs. Elizabeth Basumatary, Asst ProfessorMemberContact:- 887636937 Email:
6Ms. Ansumai Daimary Centre Administrator, Sakhi onestep Centre, Chirang, NGOMemberContact: 6003858929 Email:
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