Rimush Narzary

Assistant Professor

1. Personal Profile:

NameRimush Narzary
DesignationAssistant professor
Contact No.8876299382
Email IDrimushnarzary@gmail.com
Area of SpecializationDevelopmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology

2. Participation in academic conference/Seminars/Webinar/Convention:

Sl. No.DateName of  Programme ThemePlace/OrganizerState/National/International
130th July, 2021Webinar“Covid-19: Impact On Global Order”.Department of Political Science, Bengtol College, Chirang, Assam in collaboration with IQAC, Bengtol College, Chirang, Assam.National
229th  July, 2021Webinar“Education Against the backdrop of Pandemic :Crisis and Possibilities”Department of Education in association with Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Kamrup College Chamata, Assam.International
44th August, 2020 Webinar“The Spiritual Genius of the Upanishads and their influence on intellectual History in India and the West”Department of Humanities, The Bhopal School of Social Sciences Affiliated to Barkatullah UniversityInternational
51st August, 2020WebinarPost Covid India and Scenario of Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities.Department of Education and Geography, Cinnamara, College, Jorhat, Assam.National
626th July, 2020Webinar“ Higher Education in  Covid 19 Pandemic”Department of Education, Sibsagar Girls’ College in Collaboration with Library and Information Science Professionals Association, Assam.National
722nd  July, 2020Webinar‘Socio-political and intellectual role of women in Assamese society’Department of Assamese, Digboi College in association of IQACNational
815th July, 2020.WebinarLiterary and Cultural Dynamics of Northeast India: Contemporary Perspectives.Department of English in collaboration with IQAC, Debraj Roy College, Golaghat, Assam (India).National
914th  July, 2020 Webinar“Diversification of Rural Employment in North-East India: Issues and Challenges”Organized jointly by Deptt. of Economics, Mankachar College, Mankachar, Assam.National
1011th  July 2020 Webinar “Language and communication skills for living and working”Organized by Department of English and IQAC Dispur College In association with Assam College Librarians’ Association (ICT Cell).National
1130th  June, 2020 Webinar“Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)”Organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), H. P. B. Girls’ College, Golaghat, Assam.National
1229th June, 2020 Webinar“Pandamic, Reading Culture and the Changing Nature of Books”Organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Department of English, H. P. B. Girls’ College, Golaghat, Assam.National
1326th June, 2020Webinar  “Use of  Online E-Resources­Organized by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Central Library and IQAC, Bengtol College, Chirang, Assam in Association with Assam College Librarians’ Association.National
1414th & 15th Nov, 2019 Seminar“Environment, Happiness and Health: Re-reading Literature in 21st Century”Department of English, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, in collaboration with the department of Humanities and Social science, CIT, Department of English, Bengtol College, Chirang.National
1528th & 29th Sept, 2019SeminarLife and Works of Manaranjan LaharyBodo Department Teacher’s Association in Collaboration with Dept. of Folklore Research. G.U. and IQAC Cell, Barama College, Barama, BTC, Assam.National

3. Seminar Presentations:

Sl. No.DateTopicThemeInstitution/OrganizerState/National/International
13rd June, 2023NEP:2020  and Integration of ICT at Secondary Schools Level in Chirang District, Assam“Implementation Strategy of Outcome-Based Education: NEP 2020 Perspective”Seminar Cell, Research Cell & Development Cell, NEP 2020 Cell, In collaboration with IQAC, Basugaon College, Basugaon.National Seminar
226th Nov, 2022Cultural Identity of Bodo Women through Traditional Art of Weaving: A studyRepresentation of Women and Discourses on Women’s RightsCentre for Women’s Studies, Bodoland University & Department of English, Bengtol College, Bengtol.National Seminar
33rd & 4th Nov, 2022Role of Education and Social media in creating Environmental awareness among the people.“Environmental Sustainability and Conservation: Issues and Challenges”IQAC, Bongaigaon College, in collaboration with Departmental of Environmental Studies, Bongaigaon College.ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar
414th Sept, 2022Challenges faced by Secondary School teachers in the Teaching- Learning Process in the Post Pandemic Era. A study  “Consequences of Pandemic on Socio-Economic and Educational Affairs in North East India.”  Organized by IQAC, in collaboration with Department of Education and Political Science, Fakiragram College, Kokrajhar, BTR, Assam.National
412th Feb, 2022“Parental Perception on Mobile Phone usage of their Children”,Socio-economic Issues & Regional DevelopmentDepartment of economics, Kokrajhar Govt. College, Assam.National
528th Feb & 1st March, 2021NilKamal Brahma’s Short stories with special reference to Folk Belief of Bodo.“Theme Negotiating Modernism and Post Modernism in the Writings of Nilkamal Brahma” Bodo Dept. Teachers’ Association in Collaboration with Dept. of Bodo, Bengtol College, Chirang India.National
630th  Oct, 2019The challenges of building a peaceful school environment at Secondary schools of Chirang district, Assam-A case studyPeace and Value Education: The Best Investment for the Young Generation.Organized by Govt. College of Teacher Education, Kokrajhar in Collaboration with Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, and B.T.C. Assam.National Seminar
727th August, 2019The Challenges of Sustaining the Traditional Art of Weaving and Crafts of the Bodos. A case studyIdentity and Crisis of Ethnic Language, Literature and Culture of North-East India.Organized by the Department of Bodo Bodoland University Kokrajhar, Assam.UGC Sponsored National Seminar
826th Nov, 2018Participation of Boro Women in Micro-Interpreneurships to afford the Expenses in educating their Children, with special refernce to greater Bengtol area, Chirang“Women Empowerment and Changing Scenario of Women Education”Women Empowerment Cell, Gossaigaon B.Ed. College,Assam.  UGC sponsored State Level seminar
927th March, 2018Literary Contributions of Christian Missionaries among the BodosContribution of British Administrators and Christian Missionaries towards the Development of Bodo Language, Literarture & CultureBodo Sahitya Sabha in Cllaboration with CIIL, Mysuru in Association with Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, CIT,Kokrajhar.ICSSR sponsored International Seminar
1010th & 11th Feb, 2017.Effects of Mobile Phone and Social Media among College Students in Chirang District: A case study.Role and Importance of Educational Technology in the field of Teaching  and LearningDepartment of Education Bhawanipur Anchalik College Barpeta, AssamUGC sponsored National Seminar
1120th Sept, 2016Education as a tool in creating awareness against the effects of Drug and Alcohol abuse among the Youths.Alchohol And Drugs Abuse: Issues and Challenges of Contemporary Societies of North-East India.IQAC, Bengtol College in collaboration with Bengtoal Anchalik ABSU, Bentol Chirang, B.T.A.D, Assam.UGC Sponsored National Seminar
1226th &27th  May, 2016  Belief in Witchcraft among the Boros: An Overview.  On orality: the quest for meaningDepartment of English, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, Assam, India.  ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar
134th, 5th & 6th Feb, 2015.SHGs and Economics Empowerment of Bodo Rural Women in  Chirang District- A case study. “women empowerment: issues and challengesDepartment of Economics, Gossaigaon College, Gossaigaon, Assam, India.ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar
1411th October, 2014Impact of flood and Aie-River Bank Erosion on Socio-Economy: A case study of flood affected villages of Chirang district, under Bengtol Revenue Circle, Assam.Demographic change and indigenous people of north east India  Department of English, Bengtol College, Bengtol, Chirang, BTAD, Assam.UGC Sponsored National Seminar
1510th Nov, 2012.Impact of Modernity on Traditional Boro Religion.The Impact of Modernity on the Tribal of AssamDepartment of Bodo and Philosophy of Bengtol College, Bengtol, Chirang, BTAD, Assam.  UGC Sponsored National Seminar
1614th June, 2012.Mass Media and Education: As a tool in Bringing/creating awareness against corruption.“Corruption and it Effects in Contemporary Societies ‘of India.”Department of Political Science Bengtol College, Bengtol- 783394 Assam.  UGC sponsored National Seminar,    
172nd & 3rd June, 2012.Social Status of Bodo Women in Bodo Society (With special reference to Assam). On gender and development in north-east IndiaDepartment of Economic Gossaigaon College, Gossaigaon, Kokrajhar, Assam.UGC Sponsored National Seminar,
1822nd August,2011.Role of Education in abolishing the Age old Practice of Witchcraft (With special reference to Assam).“Witch craft: A Traditional Practice and its Impact on Human Rights.”Bengtol College, Bengtol-7833394, BTAD, Assam.  UGC sponsored National Seminar

4. Workshop/STC/FDP:

Sl. No.DateName of the ProgrammeTopic/ThemeInstitution/OrganizerResource Person/ParticipantState/National/International
17th Sept. to 13th Sept. 2023FDPImplementation of NEP 2020 in Higher Educational InstitutionsTezpur UniversityParticipantNational
225th June to 1st July 2023FDPNational Education Policy 2020: Challenges and OpportunitiesRamanujan College, University of DelhiParticipantNational
 323rd June, 2022One Day WorkshopNAAC Assessment: New ManualInternal Quality Assurance Cell, Bijni CollegeparticipantState Level
4From 4th to 18th October, 2021.Two Weeks Workshop“Revitalizing Life Style Through Yoga Practice”Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College University of Delhi In collaboration with Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, Ministry of Education, and Government of India.ParticipantNational
5From 20th  to  25th Sept, 2021.  One Week Faculty Development Programme (FDP)“Challenges of Higher Education in 21st century”,E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati in Association with Bengtol College, Assam and support from Skill Gym.ParticipantNational
6From 14th  to  20th  August, 2021.One week Faculty Development Programme (FDP)“Psychological Skills for Effective Teaching and Learning”Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College University of DelhiParticipantNational
724th July, 2021.One  Day Workshop“Intellectual Property Rights with special Emphasis on Copyright and Plagiarism”Department of English, Bengtol College, Bengtol, Chirang, Assam, India in collaboration with IQAC, Bengtol College.ParticipantNational
8From 22nd  to 28th July, 2021One week Faculty Development Programme (FDP)“Multimedia Tools for Teaching and Learning”Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College University of Delhi In collaboration with Sree Narayana College, Nattika, and Kerala.ParticipantNational
9From 24th  August to 31st August, 2020One Week Faculty Development Programme (FDP).Moodle Learning Management SystemOrganized by Barama College, AssamParticipantNational
1031st July, to 4th August 2020One Week Short Term Course (STC)Creating Virtual Classroom Using Google ToolsInternational Institute of Organized ResearchParticipantInternational
11From 2nd  July to 17th July, 2020.Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme (FDP).“Advance Concepts for Developing MOOCS”Organized by Teaching Learning Centre Ramanujan College University of Delhi.ParticipantNational
12From 27th July to  5th  August, 2019Two weeks Faculty Development ProgrammeBehavioral Remodeling and Use of ICT Tools for Classroom Delivery of Teachers and Advanced Concepts of ICT Tools.  Organized by Electronics & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati in association with Kokrajhar Govt. College, Kokrajhar and support from Mantra Associates.ParticipantNational
1314th, &15th May, 2014.Two Days WorkshopResearch methodology and its application in research work.”Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Gossaigaon College, Gossaigaon,     Assam, IndiaParticipantUGC sponsored national workshop

5. Orientation/Refresher course attended:

Sl. No.Date of CommencementProgrammeHRDC/InstitutionTheme/Topic/Subject
120-11-201517-12-2015OP-24HRDC-University of North Bengal, Bengal, Darjeeling. 
227th Feb, 201919th March, 2019RCHRDC- Gauhati University, GuwahatiTeacher Education
307-07-202120-07-2021RCMHRD Sponsored-Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College University of Delhi“Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) Scheme in Higher Education, UGC Regulation, 2021 (With reference to Blended Learning)”

6. Publications of Articles/Chapters in Books with ISBN:

Sl. No.Title of the BookEditor/AuthorTitle of the article/ChapterPublisherYear of PublicationISBN
1Socio Economic Issues and Regional DevelopmentDr. Kamal BodosaParental Perception on Mobile Phone usage of their Children. A studyOnsumwi Library Kokrajhar, BTR: Assam2022978-93-83576-73-9
2Teacher Education And BeyondJogen Ch. Kalita & Dulumoni GoswamiEffects of Smartphone use on Academic Performance of College Students in Chirang District, Assam.Purbayon Publication, Guwahati, Assam2019  978-93-88593-39-7  
3Issues and Challenges of North-East India, A Multidisciplinary PerspectiveMrs. Anita Basumatary and  Dr. Dhananjoy BrahmaChallenges of Sustaining the Traditional games and Recreational activities of the Bodos: A studyPublication Cell Bengtol CollegeDecember. 2019  978-81-929915-2-8  
4Socio-economic Issues of AssamMr. Rimush Narzary,Co-curricular Activities and its Implementation at Secondary Schools in Chirang district, Assam. A case studyPublication Cell Bengtol College, Bengtol17th May, 2018978-81-929915-1-1
5Revisiting Orality in North-East IndiaDeepak Basumatary & Zothanchhingi KhiangteWitchcraft: Fear and Stigma in Bodo Society: A Brief Case StudyMRB Publisher (India) D.D. Shoping Centre, A.M Road, Guwahati-781007.2017978-93-83403-16-5
6Alcohol and drug abuse: issues and challenges of contemporary societies of north- east IndiaProbin NarzaryEducation as a Tool an creating awareness against the evil effects of Drug and Alcohol abuse among the Youths: An overviewPublication cell, Bengtol College,  Chirang, (BTAD)  1st Nov, 2016  978-81-929915-0-4
7Higher education in India an overview  Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera and Pranab BarmanImpact of Annual and Semester System on Degre College Students: With special reference to Chirang District, Assam.New Delhi   Publisher 90, Sainik Vihar,  Mohan Garden, new Delhi-110059First Edition-2015978-93-85503-25-2
8Tribal welfare in India (with special reference to North-East India)Dr. Jyotiraj PathakStatus of Boro Women in Boro Society (With special reference to Assam).  Global publishing House Visakhapatnam -2, A.P) India.2014978-933-81563-33-5
9Gender and Development in North-East India.  Dr. Dinesh DasSocial Status of Bodo Women (With special reference to Assam).Faculty publications- Kokrajhar University-783360, Assam, India.First Edition, 2013978-93-5067-883-1
10The Tribal at the threshold of the Millennium.  Dhananjoy BrahmaModernity and its Impact on Traditional Religion of Boro.Publication Cell, Bijni College, Bijni, Assam.First Edition- 5th Sept 2013.  978-81-922997-4-7
11Social change and Development in IndiaDr. S. AkhileshReligious Change and its Impact on Changing the Boro Society (With special reference to Assam).Gayatri Publications, 41/42, Raghuwans Sadan, Shanti Kunj, Rewa- 486001.First Edition-2013.978-81-87364-55-9  
12Indian society: issues and problems.Dr. S. AkhileshAlcohol and Drugs: An obstruction to the Development of Boro Society with Special reference to Assam.  Gayatri Publications, 41/42, Raghuwans Sadan, Shanti Kunj, Rewa- 486001.First Edition-2013978-81-87364-49-8  

7. Publications of Articles in journals with ISSN

Sl. No.Title of the JournalEditorTitle of the article/ChapterPublisherYear of PublicationISBN
1Pratibha A multilingual, Multidisciplinary, Peer Reviewed Annual Journal (Volume- VI, Issue-VIDr. Gobinda BaishyaTraditional Practices of Weaving and Crafts of the Bodo and ChallengesWomen Awareness Cell, Bijni College, Bijni, Chirang, BTR, Assam, IndiaMarch 20232349-5286

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