Dr. Mallika Basumatary

1. Personal Profile:

1NameDr. Mallika Basumatary
2DesignationAssociate Professor
5Contact No.9954012339
6Email IDmallika.bprd@gmail.com
7QualificationM.A., Ph.D., (NET, SLET)
8Area of SpecialisationLanguage & Literature

2. Participation in academic Conference/Seminars/Workshop/Webinar/Conference:

Sl. No.DateTopic/ThemeSeminar/ Workshop/ Webinar ThemePlace/ OrganiserState/National/ International
17th to 8th Dec. 2007   ParticipatedContemporary Bodo FictionDepartment of Bodo, GUNational seminar
214th to 23rd Dec. 2009ParticipatedWorkshop on Knowledge Text TranslationNational Text Translation, CIIL, Dibrughar UniversityWorkshop
312th to 19th March, 2010ParticipatedWorkshop on Knowledge Text TranslationNational Text Translation, CIIL, Skkim UniversityWorkshop
43rd June, 2011ParticipatedAcademic performance indicator and its parametersACTA Zone -13, Bijni CollegeWorkshop
514th June 2012ParticipatedCorruption and its effects in contemporary societies of IndiaDepartment of Political science, Bengtol CollegeNational Seminar
63rd Nov. 2012ParticipatedTranslation of Indian Literature with special reference to Bodo: an OverviewSahitya Academi & Janata College, SerphanguriLiterary Forum
715th Nov. 2019ParticipatedEnvironment, happiness and health: re-reading literature in 21st century              Dept. of English BU, Dept. Humanities and social Science CIT & Dept. of English Bengtol CollegeNational Seminar
819th Feb. 2020ParticipatedWorkshop on revised accreditation Framework of NAACIQAC  Birjohara Kanya Mahavidyalaya, BongaigaonWorkshop
924th July, 2021ParticipatedWorkshop on Intelectual Property rights with special emphasis on copyright and plagiarismDept. of English & IQAC Bengtol CollegeWorkshop
1030th May 2022Resource PersonWorkshop on Project Report/ Dissertation WritingResearch cell & IQAC UN Brahma College, KajalgaonWorkshop
1123rd June, 2022ParticipatedNAAC Assessment: New ManualIQAC Bijni CollegeWorkshop
1230th Nov. & 1st Dec. 2022Subject ExpertCrossing the Boundaries and Innovation : Literary Term in BodoDept. of Bodo GU, Bodo Dept. Alumni Association, Bodo Sahitya Sobha & Bodo Dept. Teacher AssociationWorkshop
1310th Dec. 2022ParticipatedWorkshop on Office Ethics & Management Research and Development Cell & IQAC Bengtol CollegeWorkshop
144th April 2023ParticipatedWorkshop on Bodo PG Course and SyllabusDept. of Bodo, Bodoland UniversityWorkshop
1518th August, 2020CoordinatorNational Webinar on New Education Policy and Bodo MediumBodo Dept. Teacher Association & IQAC Bengtol CollegeWebinar
1620th to 25th Sept. 2021CoordinatorChallenges of Higher Education in 21st CenturyE&ICT Academy IIT GuwahatiFDP
1721st June, 2020ParticipatedAwareness programme on use of online E-resourcesNobajyoti College, Kalgachia & Assam College Librarian AssociationWebinar
1826th June, 2020ParticipatedUse of online E-ResourceAPJ Abdul Kalam Central Library and IQAC Bengtol CollegeWebinar
1911th July, 2020ParticipatedFangs of Covid -19 on the lifestyle culture, education, economy, and Health: women and childrenNEF, IndiaWebinar
2026th July, 2020ParticipatedNew wave of E-learning during Covid -19 pandemic and beyond in Bodo societyBodo Sahitya Sobha and Dept. of Bodo Bodoland UniversityWebinar
2129th July, 2020ParticipatedProgress in life through cosmic energy,IQAC, Yoga and Mental Health Abhayapuri College & Assam College Librarian AssociationWebinar
2231st July, 2020ParticipatedHospitality & Tourism Education and training: post Covid – 19 perspective,ICFAI University, SikkimInternational Webinar
2331st July, 2020ParticipatedNecessity of state intervention in language development: a penal discussion on Kokborok, Bodo, Garo, Dimasa and allied languageDept. of Political Science & Dept. of Kokborok Netaji Subhash Mahavidylaya, TripuraWebinar
247th August, 2020ParticipatedChallenges of Linguistic and cultural researches during and Post Covid crisisCentre for Linguistics and Cultural Studies, CIT KokrajkarInternational Webinar
2518th May, 2021ParticipatedThe future of Bodo Language in the context of politics of linguistics hegemonyIQAC Kokrajhar Govt. CollegeWebinar
2615th July, 2021ParticipatedThe pandemic and its impact on moral thinking and reflective succession makingDept. of Philosophy & IQAC Bengtol CollegeWebinar
2730th July, 2021ParticipatedCovid- 19 Impact on global orderDept. of Political Science & IQAC Bengtol CollegeWebinar
2827th Feb, 2022ParticipatedNAAC: Assessment and accreditation and its implementation in revised  frameworkUTKARSHA Foundation, AssamWebinar
298th May, 2022ParticipatedAQAR and its impact on NAAC AssessmentUTKARSHA Foundation & IQAC Borbhag College, NalbariWebinar
3025th March, 2022ParticipatedMaterial culture of the BodosDept. of Bodo, Bodoland UniversityWebinar
3130th August, 2022ParticipatedComparative study of Bodo and Assamese folk LiteratureDept. of Bodo, Bodoland UniversityWebinar
3222nd  May, 2023ParticipatedBodo Translation LiteratureDept. of Bodo, Bodoland UniversityWebinar

3. Presentation in Seminars:

Sl. No.DateTopic/ThemeSeminar ThemePlace/ OrganiserState/ National/ International
102/10/2008 & 03/10/2008The representation of village life in the short story of the Bodos: A StudyBodo Language and LiteratureBodo Dept. Teacher AsociationState
224/10/2009The Characterisation of the Drama of Satish Chandra Basumatary: an Analysis.Symposium on Bodo DramaSahitya Academi and Bodo Dept. Teacher AssociationNational
304/12/2010& 05/12/2010 The reflection of the social custom in folk tales of the Bodos: an Analysis.Bodo Folk LiteratureSahitya Academi and Bodo Dept. Teacher AssociationNational
422/08/2011The Role of Education in Abolishing the Superstitious Belief in WithcraftWitchcraft: a traditional practice and its impact on human rightsBengtol College, Chirang, AssamNational
506/11/2011 & 07/11/2011Social Status of Women in Nilkamal Brahma’s Hagra Guduni MwiLiterary contribution of Nilkamal BrahmaSahitya Academy, Bodo Dept. teachers’ Association& Bodo Dept. Bodoland University, Assam.National
630/12/2011Tribal Identity and Ethnic Conflict in North East IndiaCultural Assimilation of North East India: Unity and DiversityFolklore Study Centre, Department of Assamese, Bikali CollegeNational
703/11/2012 & 04/11/2012A Critical Analysis of the Bodo Modernist poet Aurobindo Uzir’s PoetryEmerging Trends in literature with special reference to Bodo LiteratureBodo Dept. teachers’ Association& Bodo dept. Bodoland University, Assam.National
810/11/2012The Impact of Modernity on the Tribal of Assam with Special Reference to BodosThe Impact of Modernity on the Tribal of AssamDepartment of Bodo and Philosophy, Bengtol CollegeNational
922nd and 23rd  March 2014Travelogue in Boro: A StudyNon-Fictional prose in Bodo LiteratureSahitya Academi & Bodo Dept. Teachers’ Association, AssamNational
108th and 9th August, 2014Syed Abdul Malik’s Dukhan Bhori and Nilkamal Brahma’s Athing: A Comparative StudyComparative Indian Literature and National IntegrationDepartment of MIL, Gauhati University, Assam National
1127/09/2014The Role of Women in the Novel of Chittaranjan MushaharySignificance of women writing in Bodo literatureSahitya Academy & Dept. of Bodo, Gauhati University.National
1211th October 2014Defining Hmar Identity Through their Oral TraditionsDemographic change and Indigenous people of North East IndiaDepartment of English, Bengtol College, BTAD, AssamNational
134th, 5th and 6th February 2015Eradicating Women Inequality in Boro Society through Cultural EmpowermentWomen Empowerment: Issues and ChallengesDept. of Economics in collaboration with IQAC Gossaigaon College, BTAD, AssamInternational
1428th & 29th March, 2015 The Change and Continuity of the  female attires of  the Bodos: A studyBodo Culture: Change and ContinuityBodo Dept. Teacher Association& Bodo Dept. Gauhati UniversityNational
1526th and 27th Sept., 2015Mysticism in the Literary Creation of Pramad Chandra Brahma: An Analysis.Romanticism in Bodo PoetrySahitya Academi & Bodo Dept. Teachers’ Association, AssamNational
1626th and 27th May, 2016Traditional Belief System of the Bodos with Special Reference to MythOrality: The Quest for MeaningBodoland University, Kokrajhar, Assam International
1720 and 21st August, 2016The female Based Novels on Chittaranjan Mushahary: an AnalysisReflection of Bodo Social Scenario in the Novel of Chittaranjan Muchahary Sahitya Academi & Bodo Sahitya Sabha, AssamNational
1820 September, 2016Alcohol in Cultural Perspective with Special reference to Boro SocietyAlcohol and drugs abuse: issues and challenges of contemporary society of North- East IndiaIQAC, Bengtol college in collaboration with Bengtol ABSU Unit, BTAD, Assam National
1924th and 25 September, 2016The Romantic Poem of Isan Mushahary’s Sonani Mala: An Overview.Life and works of Pramad Ch. BrahmaSahitya Academi & Bodo Dept. Teachers’ AssociationNational
2025th and 26th October, 2016Representation of Society and Customs in Boro Folk Tales: A critical AnalysisFolk literature and Language of Folk Literature of North East IndiaDepartment of Assamese, Goalpara College, Assam National
2110th and 11th March, 2017Reflection of Myths in Boro Literature: An AnalysisFolklore in Literature of Regional LanguageDepartment of Bodo, Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi, Assam National
224th & 5th Nov., 2017Post Modern Literature in Bodo Literature: An AnalysisPost Modern Trend in Bodo LiteraureSahitya Academi, Bodo Dept. Teacher Association &  Bodo Dept. Basugaon CollegeNational
2330th Sept. 2018Modernism in Bodo Drama in Kamal Kumar Brahma: An OverviewModernism in Bodo DramaSahitya Academi, Bodo Dept. Teacher Association & Bodo Dept. Kokrajhar Govt. CollegeNational
242018Christian Missionaries: Transfiguring Bodo Orality to written LiteratureContribution of British Administrator and Christian Missionaries towards the development of Bodo Language, Literature and cultureBodo Sahitya Sobha, CIIL & Dept. Of Humanities and Social Science, CIT KokrajharInternational
2531st Oct. 2019Creating Human Rights awareness among the Masses through Bodo LiteratureHuman Rights and Social Exclusion: Issues and ChallengesIQAC, Fakiragram CollegeNational  
2628th &29th Sept. 2019 An Analysis of the Gaodang short story of Manaranjan LaharyLife and works of Manaranjan LahryBodo Dept. Teacher Association, Dept. of Folklore Research GU & IQAC Barama CollegeNational
2728th Feb. & 1st March, 2021Nil Kamal Brahmani Sungdo soloao berkhangnai un gwdan Sansri: Mwnse BijirnaiNegotiating Modernism and Post Modernism in the writing of Nil Kamal BrahmaBodo Dept. Teacher Association, Dept. of Bodo Bodoland Univerity & Dept. of Bodo Bengtol CollegeNational
2811th & 12 Dec. 2021Brajendra Kumar Brahmani okhrang Gongse Nangwo Khonthai Bijab: Mwnse BijirnaiLife and works of Brajendra Kumar BrahmaBodo Dept. Teacher Association, Dept. of Bodo GU & Rangia CollegeNational
2914th Sept. 2022Role of Remote Learning in Pandemic: An AnalysisConsequences of Pandemic on Socio-Economic and Educational affairs in North East IndiaIQAC, Dept. of Political Science & Education Fakiragram CollegeNational
303rd & 4th Nov. 2022Impact of Urbanization in Environment: A Critical StudyEnvironmental Sustainability and Conservation : Issues and ChallengesIQAC Bangaigaon CollegeInternational
3126th Nov. 2022Representation of women in religious practice in Bodo Society: An AnalysisRepresentation of Women and Discourses of Women’s RightsCentre for women’s studies, Bodoland University& Dept. of English Bengtol CollegeNational
3217th & 18th Dec. 2022Post-mortem Sungdo Soloa Boro Maharini Rajkhanthiari Gwswkhangthini Nerswn: Mwnse BijirnaiPolitical Identity in modern Bodo LiteratureBodo Dept. Teacher Association, dept. of Bodo BU & & Dept. of Bodo UN Brahma CollegeNational

4.Orientation/FDP/Refresher course attended:

Sl. No.DateHRDC/InstitutionTheme/Topic/Subject/ Programme
104-04-201129-04-2011ASC- Jawaharlal Nehru University, New DelhiOrientation programme
202-07-201206-07-2012North Eastern Regional Language Centre, GuwahatiOrientation programme for translation in Bodo
308-01-2016 28-01-2016ASC- North Bengal University, west BengalRefresher course on Multi-disciplinary
414-03-201712-04-2017ASC- Ranchi University, JharkandOrientation programme
516-11-201929-11- 2019Bodoland UniversityTwo Weeks National Workshop on Research Methodology
621-06-202127-06-2021E&ICT Academy, IIT, GuwahatiFDP
720-09-202125-09-2021E&ICT Academy, IIT, GuwahatiFDP
817-08-202101-09-2021FDC, PMMMNMTT, Iswar Saran PG College, University of AllahabadRefresher course on changing trends and innovations in Teaching and research in Humanities and Social sciences
921-02-202327-02-2023ICT AcademySTC- Digital Teaching Techniques

5. Publications of Articles/Chapters in Books with ISBN:

Sl. No.Title of the BookEditor/ AuthorTitle of the Article/ ChapterPublisherYear of PublicationISBN
1The Tribal at the Threshold of the MillenniumDhananjoy BrahmaThe impact of  modernity in Bodos of Assam: An AnalysisPublication Cell Bijni College2013ISBN- 978-81-922997-4-7
2Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Issues and Challenges of contemporary societies of North- East IndiaProbin NarzaryAlcohol in cultural perspective with special reference to Boro SocietyPublication Cell,  Bengtol College2016ISBN- 978-81-929915-0-4
3Revisiting Orality in North – East IndiaDeepak Basumatary & Zothanchhingi KhiangteBeliefs and Myths of the BodosMRB Publication (India), Guwahati2017ISBN- 978-93-83403-16-5
4Socio- Economic Issues of AssamRimush NarzaryThe Female Based Novels of Chittaranjan Muchahary: an AnalysisPublication Cell,  Bengtol College2018ISBN- 978-81-929915-1-1
5Traditional System of the Bodo Community: Change and ContinuityVivekananda Kendra Institution of CultureFood Habits of the Bodos: A StudyThe Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati2018ISBN- 978-93-83079-25-4
6Bijirlu ThunlaiDr. Phukan BasumataryThe Women writers of the Bodo Literature: An AnalysisPublished by B.D.T.A., Voll-II2022ISBN- 978-93-94509-24-5

6.Publications of Articles in Journals with ISSN:

Sl. No.Title of the JournalsEditor/ AuthorTitle of the Article/ ChapterPublisherYear of PublicationISSN
1Phwrwnglai, an Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationGanesh BoroThe Social Status of Females in the Short Story of Nilkamal Brahma’s Hagra Guduni MwiPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. VIII.  2012ISSN No. 2278-8085  
2Research Journal of Social and Life Science,Prof. Braj GopalGurudev Kalicharan Brahma: A Study of His Contribution towards Uplifting the Bodos of AssamGayatri Publication, Shantikunj, Vol. XV-II,    2013ISSN No. 0973-3914
3Aithun (Vol-I),  A Multilingual, Multi disciplinary Annual Journal,Nayan Jyoti DasAlaisri, the Central Female Character of the Novel Jujaini Or: An Analysis,Published by Janata College, Serfanguri.2013ISSN No. 2348-6430  
4Phwrwnglai, an Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationGanesh BoroA Critical Analysis of the Bodo Modernist Poet Arubinda Uzir’s PoetryPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. VIII2014ISSN No. 2278-8085  
5Phwrwnglai, An Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationMihir Kr. BrahmaTravelogue in Bodo: An AnalysisPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. VIII2014ISSN: 2278-8085    
6Phwrwnglai, an Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationMihir Kr. BrahmaThe Contribution of  the Bodo Poet in Search of History: A StudyPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. XI2015ISSN: 2278-8085
7Phwrwnglai, an Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationDr. Mihir Kr. BrahmaPost modernism and Bodo Literature: An AnalysisPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. XV2018ISSN: 2278-8085
8Phwrwnglai, an Annual Journal of Bodo Deptt. Teacher AssociationDr. Phukan BaumataryMysticism in the writings of Promad Chandra Brahma: An OverviewPublished by B.D.T.A. Vol. XVIII2021ISSN: 2278-8085

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