Extension Service Cell, Bengtol College

About the Cell:

            The Extension Service Cell under IQAC, Bengtol College has been formed to carry out the noble task of various extension activities of the college. The Cell organizes many programmes and activities to impart knowledge and create awareness about various issues and its remedial measures in within and outside the college campus. The various programmes and activities are conducted in the neighbouring villages in relation with local community.

Aims & Objectives:

1. To encourage social responsibility among the students for solving various problems.

2. To provide platform among the students to work and develop skills for community service activities.

3. To develop good leadership quality among the students through utilizing their skills and capabilities


1Dr. Ranjit Kr NarzaryChairman
2Raju MoshaharyCoordinator
3Ali Akbor SheikhMember
4Dr. Anosh NarzaryMember
5Rimush NarzaryMember

Contact No. of Coordinator: 8135087181

Email Id: rajumoshahary1@gmail.com

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