Career Counselling and Consultancy Cell
Bengtol College, Bengtol

About the Cell

The need for disseminating right and reliable career information, counselling and guidance for enabling the students in choosing the right and appropriate career options and opportunities has become pertinent and challenging in contemporary time. With the noble aim of addressing that need of the time, Bengtol college formed Career counselling and Consultancy Cell on 13th March 2013. Since its establishment, the Cell has been rendering active services to the students community of the college providing them timely career counselling and consultancy services. Besides giving academic career exposure, the cell also thrives to provide timely guidance and skill based trainings to the students’ community in order to make them acquire the career and livelihood opportunities, employability skills, self-depended skills etc. The college is situated in rural area and there is every possibility in making the students independent and self employed giving the exposure of local based skills and training. This will also result in economic growth, social stability, work culture, and change in the region.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To help the students in redefining the passion in their career, and develop essential employability skills, strategies and competency.

2. To organise seminars and workshops to acquaint the students with the knowledge and information on the emerging professional trends, job prospects, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, market needs etc.

3. To provide guidance and training to the students on Soft Skills.

4. To disseminate information on job avenues and placements in different institutions/work places.


Sl. No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Ranjit Kr. NarzaryChairman
2Dharmendra BaroCo-ordinator
3Martin BorgoiaryMember
4Elizabeth BasumataryMember
5Dr. Anosh NarzaryMember
6Raju MoshaharyMember
7Ali Akbor SheikhMember
8Buli NarzaryG.S., B.C.S.U. (Students Representative Member)

Contact No. of Co-ordinator: 9706691922

Email ID:

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