Literary & Cultural Cell

Literary & Cultural Cell of Bengtol College has been established to promote and develop skills of acting, singing, dancing, presentation, individual and group performance among students. The Cell organizes events of Traditional Competitions and various extra-curricular activities to enhance skills and installs values and life skills and realize unity in diversity among different groups of North East India in particular and nation in general. The Cell also works in Literary field to enhance and hone student’s skill in literary activities by engaging them in several competitions and events. The Cell shoulders the responsibility to encourage and train the students and bring out hidden talents of the students in their overall growth and development. The Cell provides the students a platform to overcome hesitations and exhibit their aptitude in Cultural and Literary activities.

Aims and objectives

  • To provide platform for students to identify and hone their talents.
  • To preserve the cultural and traditional values.
  • To organize different competitions and events for students.
  • To create opportunity for students to exhibit their skills.
  • To build competency to compete in state and national level competitions.

Composition of the Cell

Sl noNameDesignation
1Dr. Ranjit Kr NarzaryChairman
2Mr. Swmkwr BrahmaCo-Ordinator
3Mr. Raju MoshaharyMember
4Dr. Anosh NarzaryMember
5Ms. Lily IswaryMember

Contact number of Co-ordinator: 9678544268

Email ID:

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