About the Cell:

Admission Conduct Committee was formed on 22nd March 2013 as per the IQAC meeting held on 21st March 2013. The Admission Conduct Committee (ACC) of Bengtol College ensures the integrity and fairness of the admissions process in the college. The committee is responsible for developing and updating admission policies and guidelines of the college for maintaining transparency and consistency in the admissions process. The Committee serves as a guardian of fairness, ethics, and transparency in the admissions process. By diligently carrying out its responsibilities, this committee helps maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of the institution’s admissions procedures.

Function of the Admission Committee

 1) This committee establishes and implements the criteria for admission or enrolment of the students to the college for all the courses according to the University and government regulations.

 2) The Committee will lays down the detailed procedure to be followed for admission and ensures the same has been implemented / followed.

 3) The Committee will identify and approves for admission suitable qualified candidates and displays the merit list as per schedule predetermined by the University and Director of Higher Education, Assam.

 4) Analyze the changes required in the admission policies of the previous years so as to improvise the system and the process.

5) SAMARTH online Admission portal is introduced by the Director of Higher Education to centralize the entire admission process of UG programme from the academic session 2023-24

 Policy of the Admission Committee

The Admission Committee will work to carry out the admissions process in a manner that is equitable, efficient, and timely. It aims to be cognizant of enhancing the pool of qualified students of diverse backgrounds, as well as guidelines for the reasonable accommodation of potential students who are affected with Disabilities. The notifications/circulars regarding reservation policy declared by the affiliating University is adhered to while enrolling students for the courses. Sanctioned intake capacity is also duly considered. The committee also aims to identify and select the most qualified applicants in the total applicant pool and continually monitor college admissions policy and procedures to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and equity. The committee works towards making the admission process simple, student friendly, time bound and free from any errors and flaws.


Sl. No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Ranjit Kr. NarzaryChairman
2Mr. Shahidul Islam AkandCoordinator
3All HODsMembers

Contact number of Coordinator: 8135098608

Email ID: shahidulakand1980@gmail.com

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