Girls’ Hostel Management Cell

About the Cell

The Birgwsree Girls Hostel of Bengtol College was established in the year 2011. It is located within the College Campus and is an integral part of the College. The Hostel Committee runs under the Chairmanship of the Principal. The Committee and the Principal frame the rules and regulations of the Hostel and the Principal is the final authority in the matters concerning the hostel. Hostel facilities are embarked in such a way that the students can feel homely environment and pursue their studies in a serene atmosphere. In Birgwsree Girls Hostel every student has the access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support system. Besides these, there are affordable food services in the Campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible food. Due to the limited seats capacity, the Girls hostel admission has always been a sought-after affair. The admissions are granted to the meritorious students from far off places initially and next to the nearby ones  if any seats remains. The Hostel has the vital objective of ensuring safety for the girls.

Aims and Objective:

  1. To provide conducive atmosphere for stay.
  2. To educate girl students about life skills.
  3. To create pleasant atmosphere to study and inter-change of thoughts and ideas.
  4. To promote self-development and leadership qualities.
  5. To encourage the girls about self defence.


Sl. No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Ranjit Kr. NarzaryPrincipal, Chairman
2Mrs. Somika NarzarySuperintendent
3Mrs. Ebria KhakhlariMember
4Mrs. Lily IswaryMember

Contact No. of Co-ordinator: 8134909969

Email ID:,

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